The Eight Pillars Of Prosperity

This latest video that I created, is based on a book by James Allen, written some time ago.

The Eight Pillars Of Prosperity still stand true today.

The Eight Pillars Of Prosperity by James Allen

The roof of prosperity is raised and made secure upon the pillars by which it is supported.
Energy All skill is the use of concentrated energy. We receive according to the measure of our giving.
Economy Apportion to everything its time and place. The day is not lengthened for any person.
Integrity Integrity must embrace the whole, extending to all details of life. Honest methods and actions will endure the light of day.
System On the principle of order, confusion is rendered impossible. A system makes easy that which was difficult.
Sympathy Sympathetic insight lifts us into consciousness. Sympathy springs from acquaintance with the profoundest experiences.
Sincerity A universal falseness would beget a universal mistrust. It has an inaudible sound inwardly heard and instinctively detected.
Impartiality Prejudice is a shutting of the mind against the entrance of new light. Wisdom is many sided. The wise person adapts themself to others.
Self-reliance Relying upon our own light we have but to keep it burning. No one believes in those who do not believe in themselves.
The first four Pillars must be well built before the other four can stand secure.

Here is the Eight Pillars Of Prosperity video for your enjoyment.

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