Innovative video creation!

Today is the day you can get your Mind Movies 2.0 Creation Kit – right here…

I’ve also been asked if you can use this platform to create other videos. The answer is, absolutely YES!

So if you have a blog/site, you’ll really want to take a look too…

This Mind Movies 2.0 platform is the most innovative, easy to use, video creation tool I’ve yet to see. I like that Nat, Ryan and the team are fellow Aussies too. Makes me so proud of their great work.

There will be over 200,000 people going to that site same time as you, so you might have some trouble getting through. Stay with it.

I have already got mine and made my first movie. I’ll soon be showing that newest movie to you.

Here’s to masterful manifesting, and thanks for taking this journey with me.

Cheers, Thea

P.S. This morning I had coffee with two good friends who intended to buy the Mind Movies 2.0, and what caused them to stop to think a little about going ahead, was the potential monthly $37 membership.

SO, here’s what I did today, and it’s perfectly fine to do this:

After buying my own copy of Mind Movies 2.0 at…

I wrote to Michelle at with… “Would you please not include me in a monthly subscription of $37 and cancel that monthly payment, before the first one is due to be charged?”

Among other lovely comments, she replied, “…you do not have a monthly membership and will not be charged for anything additional.”

NOW, having said that…

I had not asked for the Membership because I had already received lots of amazing training when I had bought the older version of Mind Movies, last year. Today, I did buy the SSA as well as 2.0.

If you are a ‘first timer’ then I can recommend taking the monthly membership, even if just for a while. It is a magnificent support and training opportunity that they give to us, incredible tools.

Hop over to and please, do that with my assurance of beautiful customer service from the team. They really are committed to being of service to you and your future. You can also write to me anytime, with any concerns that I may not have considered.