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Mind Movies Inspiration Show Episode # 82 Power of Intention

WATCH THIS Video About your Future Success all the way to the end & learn some”one-of-a-kind” shortcuts to success. The video is only 10 minutes, revealing a unique “brain trick”… At the end of the video, there is also a special surprise in store! You will be hearing about this from many others, it is…

Positive Abundance Meditation Video

Positive Abundance Affirmations Video Image

Enjoy the latest video I created using the Mind Movies software. This is a Positive Abundance Meditation Video, titled “Positive Abundance Affirmations“… The affirmations from the video: I know abundance flows freely through me. Avalanches of abundance flow to me. I believe in my unlimited prosperity. I prosper wherever I turn. I invite and allow…

Law Of Attraction And Visualization

Law of attraction and visualization -10 Keys To Holographic Creation

This is such a great collection to support your training in the law of attraction and visualization that I must post it here to share with you too… Enjoy & be inspired! Simply click on this image below to be taken to Christopher’s site… Privacy, Terms Of Use & Disclaimers

Visualizing and Manifesting

Visualizing and Manifesting - Think It, Feel It Video Image

When I first started visualizing and manifesting, in many ways it was like learning to ride my first bicycle. There was some frustrating stumbling, falling and failure …and one day it just clicked. If you’ve been trying as hard as you can to get it right, then that’s your first problem (the TRY part!) The…

Positive Visualization Tips & Techniques

Positive visualization - miracles in my life image

Have you ever wondered how some people always seem to get what they want? How is it that they always make the sale, get the date, or get a new job? One tried and proven method is that of Positive Visualization. Positive visualization is a technique of affecting real world situations by using the power…

Impact your life in a positive way

I truly believe that most of the time…less is more. Sometimes, certain things viewed in certain ways have the ability to make an impact on our life in a positive way. I think Eleanor Roosevelt said it best, “It is not fair to ask of others, what you are unwilling to do yourself”.

How will you spend this day?

This movie speaks about how we typically spend our lives from cradle to the grave – and it helps open our minds to the possibilities and choices we have in front of us today.

For What Qualities Will You Be Known?

I’m sure you’ve heard it before and I couldn’t agree more; life is merely a series of choices. Where you are right now can all be linked back to every choice that you’ve made in your life to date.

Joe Vitale & Nick Ortner Interview

I have completed an Association for Thought Field Therapy approved Algorithm Level Training and am very familiar with its power. If you get the opportunity, read the book by Roger J. Callahan, Ph. D. titled “Tapping The Healer Within”, definitely take up that chance. Some people call it “Energy Psychology” or “Emotional Acupressure” and it really is based on an ancient wisdom that still works even in our hectic, modern day world.

Inspirational, Spiritual Visualization

This is my first sample Mind Movie created with the new Mind Movie 2.0 technology. Couldn’t believe how simple this new version is to use, and so user friendly. A novice online will have zero problems working this program. Find out more about it by listening to Ryan and Nat, plus Bob Proctor.

Innovative video creation!

This Mind Movies 2.0 platform is the most innovative, easy to use, video creation tool I’ve yet to see. I like that Nat, Ryan and the team are fellow Aussies too. Makes me so proud of their great work.

Final Reminder For Mind Mastery

It is half way through 2010 and if your goals are not quite where you had hoped they would be at this time, or if things are moving more slow for you then, WHEN is it time to do something different?

The Brain That Changes Itself

In this Melbourne Conversations event, Dr Norman Doidge, author of bestselling book The Brain That Changes Itself discusses his research and relays strange and fascinating stories of the workings of the brain.

Where effective visualization begins

“Even if you don’t believe in it – do it anyway. My attitude is: if your way isn’t working, try mine. I’m doing all right. I’m healthy, happy, and I’m wealthy. I earn more money in one hour than I used to in twenty years. So I must know something. And I know that this works.” -Bob Proctor

3 Experiments About Matter In Our World

Here’s a wonderful video by Gregg Braden taken from The Science of Miracles. He shares with us 3 experiments related to the “stuff” of which our world is made. This is number one video in a series. You can see the related videos when you visit this video at YouTube after you’ve watched this one here.

The Like Attracts Like Attraction Factor

There are so many ways in which you can become more attractive to the things you want to bring into your life. It all comes down to the emotions you feel, and these are triggered by thoughts created from the words you hear, and pictures you see. Every cell of your body responds to the emotions. Your body produces chemical, and therefore physical changes with each feeling that you experience.