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Meditation Mind MoviesNaturally, I’ll start this blog with my own Mind Movie and I’ll be adding more for you to see, from other Mind Movie users. I also plan to include articles and information all about visualization and manifestation. At this blog you’ll soon find many fantastic Mind Movies created by other people, and lots of content about the law of attraction, visualization, meditation, inspiration manifestation visualization.

6 minutes a day, meditate on your created visualizations in your very own Mind Movie.

Since creating my own mind movie, their technology has changed and been improved to such an extent that it really is even more super, easy to create one of these. No technical knowledge is needed. You are taken through the process of making your own Mind Movie step by step.

You can enter your details to collect 6 free, already pre-made mind movies for 6 life areas.

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You will be hearing about this from many others, it is THAT exciting! Every year, that this expert team upgrades their tools, I am thrilled at the new insights shared and the incredible amount of free training that they give to me, for sharing with you.

Transformational VideoNOW don’t take my word for it… hang on every word in this training video.

In this presentation, Natalie Ledwell opens up about her life before the massive success of her company, Mind Movies… back when she was an overweight, struggling entrepreneur who was swimming in debt, working 15 hours a day, and saw no way out.

She explains how she used to have big dreams of traveling the world, loving her work, and being able to work from the beach, but even through she was pursuing her goals, she was “anything but free”.

It all changed a few years ago, and Natalie finally spills the beans on how she’s managed to turn it ALL around.

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Positive Abundance Meditation Video

Enjoy the latest video I created using the Mind Movies software. This is a Positive Abundance Meditation Video, titled “Positive Abundance Affirmations“…

The affirmations from the video:

I know abundance flows freely through me.
Avalanches of abundance flow to me.
I believe in my unlimited prosperity.
I prosper wherever I turn.
I invite and allow money in my life.
I always have more money in than out.
I attract money with my abundant thoughts.
I honor my worth.
I am grateful for the riches in my life.
My thoughts and words of abundance inspire others.
I am wealthier each day.
I am grateful for the riches in my life.
I choose an abundant life.
My days are rich with opportunities.
Money flows to me from many sources.
Money is abundant in my life.
I live in a rich and loving universe.
I make money quickly.
I have wealth in every area of my life.
I am open to receive.
My income increases while I sleep.
My prosperous thoughts create my prosperous life.

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Visualizing and Manifesting

When I first started visualizing and manifesting, in many ways it was like learning to ride my first bicycle. There was some frustrating stumbling, falling and failure …and one day it just clicked.

If you’ve been trying as hard as you can to get it right, then that’s your first problem (the TRY part!)

The second thing is, it’s really so much easier than you think once you understand a few key elements to success in manifesting.

I’m happy to tell you none other than the 2 great Bobs, Bob Proctor and Bob Doyle, have a few answers for you!

You may remember the 2 Bobs from The Secret and from the absolute gold mine of knowledge they share all over the globe.

Now, Ryan Higgins from Mind Movies sits them down for 2 very revealing chats…

First, Bob Doyle explains the The Law of Attraction “101”… and how to use it in your life NOW to manifest whatever it is you most desire. This energizing chat simplifies visualization in a way I’ve never seen before!

Then, Bob Proctor explains exactly where effective visualization begins. He just has such a fantastic way of laying it all out, I’m sure you’ll get a whole new perspective that will actually be very exciting for you.

In my opinion, this kind of conversation is overdue when it comes to the essentials and truth about the Law of Attraction and how it all works.

It’s not just some flight of fancy or make-believe exercise. What you have to do is step up to the plate and agree to make this a habit you do every single day!

The biggest mistake most people make with manifesting is throwing in the towel when what you want doesn’t materialize immediately. It doesn’t work like that! :)

On the other hand, it works so darn fast it could make your head spin, especially when you consider how hugely this can transform your life forever. It DOES take some time, with a dedication to visualizing what you truly want in your life every single day.

It doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated, or even very time consuming. It just has to be done regularly like clockwork. When you do that ONE thing, hold on to your hat because some really incredible, almost magical, things will start to happen in your life! Feels like magic, yet it’s real!

If you’ve got some financial “issues” you’re really going to want to watch this very closely, it could be the very key that unlocks the door to your best life.

Take a look and get started doing exactly what the two Bobs say. You’ll find it to be the missing piece of your manifesting puzzle.

I will be back with part-two in a few days. These lessons are free and terrific reminders for us all. :)

Positive Visualization Tips & Techniques

Have you ever wondered how some people always seem to get what they want? How is it that they always make the sale, get the date, or get a new job? One tried and proven method is that of Positive Visualization. Positive visualization is a technique of affecting real world situations by using the power of positive thinking!

The secret is to visualize the situation before you ever come to it. Think of how you want to things to go, what outcome is desirable for you. Once you’ve done that, now think about the specifics, and try to use all your senses! For example, maybe you are going out on a first date and you like the person and want it to go well. Visualize the scene. Are you at a movie, a restaurant? Is your date wearing perfume or cologne, and if so then what kind? What does your seat feel like, is it cushioned? Is there music playing in the background? The more details you imagine, the better your results will be.

Now this may sound too good to be true, but studies have shown that this technique works. Prior to the 1980 Olympic Games, a panel of Soviet scientists decided to test the theory by comparing physical training versus mental training (positive visualization). They grouped the athletes as such:

Group 1: 100% Physical
Group 2: 75% Physical / 25% Mental
Group 3: 50% Physical / 50% Mental
Group 4: 25% Physical / 75% Mental

Well, guess what, that’s right, group 4 showed the largest gains in performance! Actually, this technique is not some kind of newfangled thing, but has been used for centuries by practitioners of karate and Indian Yogi.

Visualization Aids

Unfortunately, not all of us are gifted with such active imaginations. This is where the use of visualization aids comes in handy. Follow these aids in order to maximize your power of visualization!

Meditation – You can meditate on your own, or find an audio tape to help you.

Vision Boards – A vision board is a home-made poster with images and phrases to help remind you of the positive behavioral changes you seek. You will want to place the vision board in an area where you will see it often, make multiple boards if necessary. If you find any of the images are triggering negative thoughts then replace them.

Mind Movies – These are similar in concept to a vision board, but are movies for you to watch. There are plenty of movies available on Youtube. Here is an example:

Hypnosis – A trained hypnotist can guide you through a positive visualization session. There are also audio tapes available for self-hypnosis.

Guided Audio Programs – There are guided audio programs available which help you to reach success in positive visualization. For example, you can try out and experience this free guided money meditation.

Bio: Maria Rainier is a freelance writer and blog junkie. She is currently a resident blogger at First in Education where she writes about education, online degrees, and what it takes to succeed as a student taking online undergraduate degree programs remotely from home. In her spare time, she enjoys square-foot gardening, swimming, and avoiding her laptop.