Joe Vitale & Nick Ortner Interview

I think you’ll find this short video pretty interesting and informative. It features world-renowned Joe Vitale talking about an effective technique he has quietly been using for 20 years.

Click here… to hear it from Joe Vitale & Nick Ortner

I have completed an Association for Thought Field Therapy approved Algorithm Level Training and am very familiar with its power. If you get the opportunity, read the book by Roger J. Callahan, Ph. D. titled “Tapping The Healer Within”, definitely take up that chance.

Some people call it “Energy Psychology” or “Emotional Acupressure” and it really is based on an ancient wisdom that still works even in our hectic, modern day world.

It’s quite timely for me to be reminded to get back to using the Mind Movies and the tapping again as I’m going through a bit of a transition period at the moment with regard my day job contrasting sharply with the work to which I’m committed with Forward Steps. This is definitely a great way to get myself clear of blockages.

It’s for that reason I share it with you too. I know that I can’t be the only person experiencing a few challenges & decision spaces.

Click here… and watch this to help release a few concerns

I’m so thankful to have this to share with you today. I’ve been using this technique myself, and it’s such a calming and encouraging thing to do. It works quietly and powerfully, clearing away the “junk” that builds up during the course of our day to day living.

Enjoy the excellent conversation and teaching session, plus a Nick Ortner audio is being given as a free gift, it’s super easy to learn. Just follow the steps, and tap the healer within you.